Friday, October 10, 2008

Weekly article submission reminders

I - Send the articles to bgvocab (at) yahoo (dot) com and shhsspotlight (at) gmail (dot) com

II - Please send your articles both as attachments and with the text pasted in the body of your e-mail. The editors have been having trouble opening some of your files.

III - When sending an article as an attachment, please save it in "RTF" format. RTF stands for Rich Text Format, and may be opened with almost any word processor.

IV - Please include in the subject heading of your e-mail: 1) you first name, 2) the number of your article (the first, third, fifth), 3) the type of article (news, features, editorial, book review, movie review, dining review, music review, etc), and 4) one or two words further identifying the story.

This will make it easier for the editors and the archivist to organize your story in the appropriate section folder.

Example - Subject: Mr. B-G # 4, News, Parking Regulations

V - All articles need to be at least 400 words (except the editorial, which may be a little less).

VI - You need to conduct interviews for most articles, and include a specified number of direct quotes. Please consult the article expectation guide on this blog for more info, or see me or an editor if you have questions.

IMPORTANT - Articles that don't meet all of the above requirements will be considered substandard and/or incomplete, and will not be accepted for credit.

Thank you for your attention to detail, clarity, and quality. The editors and I appreciate it, and so will your readers.

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