Monday, January 1, 2007

A resource

This is my first post in the Journalism blog. In time, this page will contain links to various media outlets, writing tips and suggestions, and resources about the journalism profession.

One of the goals of this site is to help inspire students who are currently producing our yearbook and monthly student newspaper. Eventually this site should be able to assist students on everything from creating a lead and crafting a headline to understanding "white noise" and the use of a pica.


ffbgirl said...

This makes me miss my high school journalism classes quite a bit! But that is not why I am commenting here.

I teach introductory journalism writing at a large state university, and I hope you don't mind if I keep an eye on your site.

If you also don't mind, if ever I see something about which I feel like I might be able to throw something into the mix, do you mind if I do so?

Do you teach AP style for high school journalists? We didn't when I was in high school, so I didn't know. If so, I am kind of an AP style nut and have all kinds of memory devices and what not I can share (if ever topical).

Thanks for taking me back to my entry into journalism!

Mr. B-G said...

Thanks for the visit ffbgirl. You should feel more than welcome to offer anything you would like.

Our newspaper does not yet have its own style manual, so yes, many of the surface errors are edited with AP style in mind.

As a former newspaper journalist, the basics of AP style are ingrained in my brain. In addition to AP, we also parrot the style practices of publications like USA Today, The Boston Globe, and two other daily newspapers published in our region.

Some of my priorities for next year involve improving:
1) teamwork
2) communication
3) personal responsibility and initiative
4) peer editing
5)story relevancy, volume, and quality.

As someone who was also on his high school's newspaper - and who went on to study journalism and to write as a journalist - I realize the potential impact that serving on a school newspaper staff can have on a student.

I'd like to find ways to authentically engage students in their work, and allow them to value and respect the independence and responsibility that comes with the profession.

I'd also like them to realize that journalism can be fun, and that writing can be pleasurable, rewarding, and truely impacting.

Thanks again for visiting!